Year 6 Retreat at The Convent

Our Year 6 children had a lovely retreat afternoon at The Sisters Of Mercy Convent on Wyke Road.
Father Anthony taught the children about religious artefacts in the chapel and the children had the opportunity to pray and reflect, taking time to look at the beautiful stained glass window.
Sister Cecily taught the children about the founding of the Holy Order of The Sisters of Mercy and the children were interested to hear about the life of Catherine Mc Auley.
They also spent time thinking about advent light and how we can bring light to the lives of others.
the children prayed for people around the world and placed tealights on a map to symbolize  light, hope and love. It was a spiritual experience that we hope our children will cherisha dn remember.
We thank Father Anthony for his ongoing support in developing the spirituality of our children and we thank the Sisters for allowing us to use their home and for teaching us about their vocation and the Order of the Sisters of Mercy.