Year 3 become Roman

On Thursday 13th February, Dorchester Roman Tours visited year 3 for the afternoon. 
For the first hour, the children were greeted by Centurion Callum and given an idea of what a day in the life of a Roman would look like. They were able to try on different pieces of equipment, hold artifacts and ask lots of questions! The children particularly enjoyed trying on the centurion helmet and having a go at writing on a Roman Wax Tablet.
For the second part of the afternoon, the class were split into 2 teams and learnt how to do some amazing army formations. They were immersed into a Roman battle! They each got to hold a shield and have a go at creating the famous 'Testudo' (The Tortoise) and a shield wall whilst the other team tried to attack with weapons (beanbags!)
The children had such a wonderful afternoon, a huge thank you to Callum from Dorchester Roman Tours for helping us make the Romans come to life!