Fossil Visit

Year 3 has a wonderful visit from the Charmouth Heritage Centre this week. Anna and Grant joined us for the whole afternoon to teach the children about fossils, rocks and Mary Anning. This is all linked to the Science and English we have been doing this term. 
Firstly, the children learnt all about the rock cycle and acted out how the different types of rocks were formed, then they looked at Mary Anning and why she is famous. The child then got to hold and explore lots of different fossils and drew pictures to try and guess what the fossil could have been. Lastly, the children were given their own ammonites to sand. They had to dunk the stone into water and then use two types of sandpaper to shine the fossil which was then varnished for them and they got to take it home! We has a brilliant afternoon!
Thank you to Anna and Grant for coming.