At St Augustine’s Primary School we believe English should be exciting, engaging and challenging. We use a variety of media - texts, images, film clips and online activities to bring English to life.
Writing lessons focus on the development of handwriting, punctuation, grammar and the creative process which brings this together to make a piece of writing. There is a strong emphasis on developing writing skills and teachers model how to structure and organise writing so that it engages the reader. Children are given the opportunity to write imaginatively, record information, express themselves accurately and to use an adventurous and wide-ranging vocabulary. Punctuation and grammar are taught as an integral part of this process and spelling strategies are taught throughout the school. The teaching of phonics and spelling aims to show pupils how to become natural and accurate spellers. Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 are taught developmentally appropriate spelling strategies using the Letter and Sounds approach as part of their daily phonics sessions.
Key Stage 2 builds on the approaches introduced in Key Stage 1, with an emphasis on developing confidence and independence. It is expected that pupils assume increased responsibility by identifying their own spelling errors, making reasoned choices about likely alternatives and using a range of resources for making corrections. Teachers plan rich and varied writing tasks, which often relate to the topic being studied at the time.
 Please see the document below 'Intent, Implementation and Impact for Writing' to find out our aims for the Writing Curriculum.