Forest Schools

Learning is Remembering and Recalling...


At St Augustine’s, we run Forest School sessions, led by a fully qualified level 3 Forest School Leader. Forest School is an inspiring program that gives children opportunities on a regular basis to visit an outdoor environment, to build confidence within themselves and developing lifelong skills.

Child-led learning is the key factor throughout our forest school sessions. The Forest School Leader will enhance each child’s learning by observing, analysing and tuning into each child’s specific interests. All individuals will have a chance to interact with nature to hopefully inspire creativity, develop confidence and self-esteem. They will learn to respect and care for their own environments and be able to have an awareness of what is around them. Through these sessions, we help our children to have a better understanding of wildlife, both fauna and flora. We participate in all weathers so students have the chance to explore all the seasons and see first-hand environment changes. Due to the nature of forest school, this develops physical skills, both fine motor and gross motor skills. Running around and climbing trees develops muscle strength, fitness and coordination.