Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum
 At St. Augustine’s Catholic Primary we have a Curriculum that all staff understand and share in our vision for providing our children with the best opportunities. Through the delivery of our high quality, ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum, we aim that pupils leave us with the knowledge and skills, personal qualities and aspirations to make the world a better place, inspired by the Gospel and our mission statement of- ‘Lead us Lord to act justly, to love tenderly and to walk humbly,’ which complements our school motto to ‘be the best you can be’.
 At St. Augustine's Catholic Primary School, we are passionate about children's learning. The Principles of Teaching 'PoT' highlights that children learn through remembering and recalling and this theory is embedded this within the knowledge of our curriculum.
‘Learning is Remembering and Recalling...’
To find out more about our curriculum, please also refer to the 'Curriculum Policy'.
Curriculum Design
At St Augustine's, our curriculum is based upon our School Catholic Mission that we have a moral purpose for our pupils to flourish in a safe, happy and stimulating environment, and leave us with the knowledge and skills, personal qualities and aspirations, to make the world a better place, inspired by the Gospel. We believe that this core belief underpins everything we do here at St. Augustine's.
Our curriculum provides inspiring and relevant learning opportunities for our children to develop the knowledge and skills that can be fluently applied across all subject areas. It ensures that all children's individual needs and experiences are developed through local, national and global contexts. In order for children to relate to their learning, topic areas are carefully planned and supported through external visitors talking about their experiences, or class trips to supplement the children's learning.
Our curriculum has been developed based on the concepts of Laudato Si, Gospel Values, Catholic Virtues, Catholic Social Teaching & British Values in line with the National Curriculum. 
Subject Leaders
Teachers lead each area of the curriculum and are supported by a teaching assistant. 
Religious Education - Mrs Evans and Mrs Wilkins
English -Mrs Bladon, Mrs Me-in and Mrs Phelan
Maths - Mrs Gray and Mrs Smith
History/Geography - Miss Mayes, Mrs Miller and Mrs Holmes
Science - Mrs Berry, Miss Warwick and Mrs Harrop
Computing - Mrs Hutton and Ms Smith
PSHE / RHE - Mrs Evans and Mrs Harding
Art and Design Technology - Mrs Howard 
Music - Mrs Rook 
Physical Education - Mrs Berry and Mr Pask
Modern Foreign Languages - Mrs Moore and Miss Mullan
Subject Long Term Planning - Curriculum Progression

All subjects are strategically structured to show a clear progress of knowledge from EYFS to Year 6. Each subject is made up of key knowledge to be explicitly taught, which lead to composite tasks also referred to as a curricular goal. We give each composite a purpose which is then shared with an audience which has been previously discussed with the children.

The diagram belows shows examples of the subject yearly overview and the long term planning for the progression of Knowledge across the School and the composite/curricular goals.
To see all of the Long Term planning documents, please go to the Curriculum tab and click on the subject you would like to explore.