Year 2 Lobsters & Crabs

Today Year 2 were lucky enough to come face to face with some of the wonders of the deep!
Mr. Pullin very kindly gave up his time to share some of his diving photos and stories with us.  The children got to try out some of his diving equipment and even got to hold live lobsters and crabs.
We then went outside where a very nervous Mrs. Tonkin attempted to demonstrate how to inflate a modern life raft!  Mr. Pullin showed us all the equipment that is contained within the life raft and the children were able to sit inside it and imagine what it would be like to be out at sea waiting to be rescued.
We compared the modern life raft with the wooden lifeboats that were on the Titanic.  We are all very grateful to know that boats today are much better equipped for emergencies than they were in 1912. 
We would all like to thank Mr. Pullin for a very exciting morning!