Roman Soldier Visit

On Thursday 7th April the Year 3 class has an amazing morning with Callumus Julianus Tatrium, a Roman Solider! They spent the first part of the visit getting hands on with some artefacts and asking Callumus lots of questions about Roman Britain. The children got to try on a helmet, hold a sword, write on a Roman tablet, hold coins and find out how much they could earn being in the Roman army, they got to have a look at some amazing Roman ceramics and pots which had amazing detailed designs on and also see how the Romans ate with special cutlery. The children had lots of interesting questions for Callumus too! For the second part of the session, we went out onto the field to use some Roman shields to create different battle formations. The children thoroughly enjoyed recreating the famous testudo with their shields. They then got to re-enact a battle between the Barbarians and the Romans putting their amazing formations into action to protect themselves and each other.
The children really enjoyed their time being immersed into everything Roman and Callumus was very impressed with their knowledge and excitement!
A huge thank you to Callumus from Dorcester Roman Tours for such a wonderful experience!