The Code Show

Today we were lucky enough to welcome ‘The Code Show’ into school where the children were introduced to a wonderful world of gaming, coding and technology. The Code Show traces the history of computing from its inception to the cutting edge of today through a comprehensive array of hardware.


The children were able to see first-hand the development of the computer over the last 50 years as they engaged with: typewriters, machines linked to the NASA space race, the first ‘home’ computers, the latest gaming consoles, sat in a Sinclair C5 (particularly topical at the moment as an electric vehicle), and all points between.


The children learned how computing and coding are crucial to almost every aspect of modern life and they were inspired by the stories of technological pioneers, both men and women, whose achievements include the moon landings, mapping the human genome and the development of games played by millions of people across the globe.


Jack, a year 6 pupil remarked that, “I couldn’t believe how much progress has been made in such a short time; being able to play and use all these different machines has been brilliant.” Whilst another pupil added, “Gary was great and I thought it was so exciting that a woman called Katherine Johnson plotted Apollo 11’s flight to the moon. I’d love to be a coder when I’m older.”


Many thanks to Mr Gary McNab for bringing his traveling collection of technology all the way from Aclington in Lancashire. His knowledge and enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on every class, and in turn he was impressed with the children’s thirst for knowledge and appetite for the subject.