Erasmus Rings of Friendship

30th October 2018

St Augustine's has taken part in 4 separate Erasmus projects (funded by the EU) over the last 10 years.  In that time, we have taken around 100 of our pupils across Europe, visiting our partner schools, where they made new friends, learned new skills and returned with renewed enthusiasm and engagement with their learning. Our teachers have also benefited from the opportunity to discuss and improve their own teaching methods using ideas they have encountered.

Our most recent project, entitled Rings of Friendship, involved ourselves as project co-ordinator and 3 other schools - ICSG Bosco-Benedetto XIII Gravina-Poggiorsini in Gravina, Italy, Zespol Szkol nr 36 in Bydgoszcz, Poland, and CEIP Parque Europa in Zaragoza, Spain. We used a two stranded approach; one -  involving the use of the Olympic and Paralympic values to foster friendships and encourage a deeper understanding between different cultures, and two – taking an academic subject each as a focus for each visit – Science & Maths, Language & Literacy, Sport, Art and Social Science.  At St Augustine’s we hosted a visit from our partner schools (teachers and children) focusing on the development of language and literacy skills.

We are very proud of our children who have benefited from participating in the project and represented the school so well whilst abroad. We are also grateful to our parents who kindly hosted children from our partner schools last year in Weymouth; they went out of their way to ensure the children had a fabulous time with us. Finally we are especially grateful to our staff, who have consistently given above and beyond to ensure the children had an enjoyable, educational and safe experience whilst abroad.