Easter 2021

St. Augustine's School News
On Monday we welcomed our children back to school. It was lovely to see them along with their families return so happily from the Easter break.
We started the week with a whole school liturgy. Every class took part virtually as we celebrated the Risen Lord and joined in with prayers and a guided reflection.
The gospel reading, homily and prayers of intercession helped us reflect on the gospel value of compassion. Our thought for the week is:
How can we show empathy and understanding towards others and act with compassion this week?
Throughout the week we have seen children acting with compassion and embracing the words of Pope Francis in Laudato Si. We have rewarded these children with certificates at our Gospel Reflection Assembly led by our Year 6 children.
The children have started using our chapel again this week and we thank Mrs Wilkins for the way she has decorated our Paschal Candle with beautiful flowers from her garden that have special meanings. As teachers take their children to the chapel they have had the opportunity to discuss the candle's significance and to link it to their teaching in RE this term.