Catholic Life at St. Augustine's School

St. Augustine's School News
This week has been busy at school. On Monday morning we started the week with our Liturgy and following on from the gospel reading from last Sunday of Jesus welcoming the little children. We used this theme to share with the children. Due to the compassion and understanding Jesus showed to the children, our gospel value for the week has been compassion and our thought for the week has been:

Jesus saw the faith of the children and looked upon them with compassion. So let’s learn from the gospel this week. 

How can you live faithfully and show compassion towards others?

We have also introduced the Catholic Virtue of Faith to the children and this has become our Virtue of the Month. We have set the children the challenge of showing us how they can put their faith into action during this month of October.

On Thursday of this week, we celebrated our Harvest Thanksgiving Mass in school. We were so grateful for the wonderful donations that we received from our children and thank our families for their support. These donations of food will be shared between the Weymouth and Portland Foodbanks. We also thank the First Holy Communion children who dressed so beautifully to receive communion at school and for whom we gave thanks to God during the mass.

We also thank the children in Year 5 who sang, served and prayed beautifully when leading the whole school mass and we give thanks to Father Anthony and Deacon Geoffrey for leading the mass so beautifully. We really appreciate their ongoing support.