Year 5 Sailing

24th May 2018

Sail for a Fiver at the Sailing Academy.

On Thursday 24th May, Years 5 (or at least those not in Poland) and 6 went to the Sailing Academy on Portland to learn how to sail.

We arrived there at 9 o'clock and were taken through to get wetsuits. These were quite tricky to get on because they were wet and clung to our skin. After a lot of pulling, tugging and jumping up and down, everyone eventually managed to struggle into them. We then went and put buoyancy aids and helmets on.

We then went down to the water and were put into boats and pushed off. There were many shrieks and screams as people weren't sure what to do, but the coaches were out in the bay either standing in the water or in safety boats and they helped us become more confident. Gradually, we listened to what we had to do and became more confident and more in control of the boats.

One or two groups did capsize their boats - but that seemed to be part of the fun.

Even Miss Lambourne...

Afterwards, we had to get our boats out of the water on a trolley and pull them up the slipway. This was hard work and needed a bit of teamwork until all the boats were away.

The coaches then set up an amazing game. They tied 2 paddle boards together and we had to walk along them until we were all on one board. It was a bit wobbly and quite a lot of us fell in...

Then we had to play 'Walk the Plank' which was running along both boards and then jump into the sea.

All the children had a fabulous time and have learnt new skills.

Adam in Year 6 was named 'Sailor of the Day' by the Academy Staff and received a special certificate.