Year 5 in Poland Day 6

25th May 2018
We didn't have to go into school this morning but met the other children and the Polish teachers at the tram stop outside our hotel, so our children could have an extra half hour in bed.  Luckily it was a new comfortable tram today.  We boarded the same tram and all went to an art workshop in town.
The children (and teachers) were split into two multinational groups one of which went into the art workshop, at which they had to make a flower out of various materials including empty plastic bottles, crepe & coloured paper, paints and glue.  The other group went to see Budgoszcz cathedral, which dates back to the fifteenth century.  It was interesting to see the colourfully painted interior, compared to the plain stones in the cathedrals and churches back home. After an hour the groups swapped over.
After lunch back at school there was time enough to play the game again before a sports competition.  The children were divided into six multi-national teams and competed in various sports including a couple of relay races, a basketball dribbling race and a two-people ball carrying race.  The sports had almost finished when the black clouds came over, we had some thunder and lightning, and it started raining.  Everyone sprinted for the school building before the heavens opened.
The sports were followed by a commemorative medal presentation to all the children, group photographs and tearful goodbyes.