Year 5 in Poland Day 5

24th May 2018
We had to be at school early today to meet all the other children and get on a coach to take us to an educational farm near Kozielec. The children got to feed various farm animals with pieces of carrot and then learnt about how the farmers lived before the advent of electricity with their cooking, washing (including using a washboard and soap to clean some clothes) and ironing.  They were astounded to hear that the people only had one pair of shoes and maybe two sets of clothes.  They were also shown all the herbs that were grown in the farmyard and which could be used for flavouring drinks and food as well as medicinally as there was most probably no local doctor.
Lunch involved heating your own (pre-cooked) sausage over a fire and eating it with a bread roll and some salad.  Some of the children turned up their noses at the salad, but were happy to go out and cook another sausage.  This was followed by a ride in a tractor to see the river and part of the large reserve which surrounds Kozielec.  Despite the hard seats in the trailer and the bumpy ride it was pleasant as there was a constant breeze through the 25 degree heat.  The less said about the singing the better!
All the children then made a nice smelling herbal sachet, which they should be bringing home with them. They also each planted a seedling but the plants can't be brought home and will have to be left at the school.  All the children were then collected together and there was a mad rush everywhere for each of them to find two of the eggs that had been placed around the farm.  None of them seem to have noticed the basket of eggs next to the door into the eating area, which they had all walked past at least 4 times!
The staff then brought out some 2-day old ducklings which were allowed to run around a small enclosure. The ducklings still had fur and had not yet developed their feathers. Finally, waiting for the bus our children started playing a singing game with the Spanish children.  They might be trying it on their friends when they get back to school.
On returning to the hotel we had a quick rest before heading into the city centre for some shopping and dinner.  On the way back we decided that we needed some more water and fruit for tomorrow so we popped into a local supermarket by the name of Tesco.  It was noticeable that some items were considerably cheaper than in UK.