Year 5 in Poland Day 4

23rd May 2018
The first event at school today was an exhibition of immigration posters made by the children of the different nations.  Having read the story of the refugee with his violin our children had produced artworks to show what they would put in their backpack if they were suddenly forced out of their home.  The other nations' children produced artworks showing why people might leave leave their home, what could happen on their travels, what aspirations they had and how they could enhance the new country in which they settled. It was quite a powerful exhibition and displayed some artistic talent.
After lunch all the children and their teachers set off in a long multi-lingual gaggle to the tram station for a visit to the zoo.  Somehow we all managed to get on the right tram which was very hot and airless in the afternoon's 23 degrees, especially when the tram had to stop at signals.  We stayed on the tram all the way to the last stop, then walked for a further 20 minutes to the zoo entrance.  The children had an enjoyable time seeing all the animals and getting stamps on their sheet, after which they had variations of ice cream, waffles and honey and chocolate sauce.
A further 20 minutes walk back to the tram stop in the heat meant that some children were well into their second bottle of water by the time we got there.  Luckily we traveled back to the hotel in one of the new trams which, as well as being much smoother, have air conditioning - a boon on a hot day like today. 
After a quick turn round we headed back to an Italian restaurant in the city centre where everyone had a pizza and some refreshing lemon infused water.  And so to bed at the end of another tiring but enjoyable day.