Year 5 in Poland Day 3

22nd May 2018
It was an early start for the children today.  The first lesson in Polish schools starts at 8am but luckily we didn't have to get to the school until 8:30.  But it did mean that the children had to pack their bags the night before and make sure that they had their filled water bottles, badges and hats ready to bring down to breakfast the following morning.
After attending a Polish science lesson there was a welcome meeting in the school gym where we were greeted with traditional Polish bread and salt.  After a short speech by the head teacher the Polish children acted out famous historical Polish people (including Copernicus and Chopin) and we were treated to some songs by the choir.
In the afternoon, after lunch at school, all the teachers and children (Polish, English, Spanish and Italian) took the tram into the city centre where, following a short shower, we visited the Sweets Museum (where the children made some lollipops) and the Museum of Soap and Dirt.  After a long day we had an evening meal in a traditional Polish restaurant and then headed back to the hotel on the tram before heading to bed.