Year 5 Back to Weymouth

26th May 2018
Everyone had an early start this morning as we had to be packed and in breakfast by 7am and on the minibus to the airport by 7:30.  Just for a change the boys were up and packed, with their room checked by Mrs Bates, and downstairs while the girls were not yet fully dressed.
We arrived at the airfield in plenty of time, only to find that the incoming aircraft was delayed by 25 minutes.  It eventually arrived and we got on, only to have the aircraft stop on the taxiway and turn its engines off, with the pilot informing us that he had missed his slot and we would have to wait a further 10 minutes.
It was another smooth trip back without too much turbulence but some people had a bit of a fright when the pilot did a steep turn close to the ground to line himself up correctly with the runway.  And the children are getting used to the plane landing with a bit of a thump.
It took a while to get through customs and wait for our bags but luckily the minibus was waiting just outside for us.  We didn't have too many holdups on the motorway, just stopping at South Mimms and Fleet services to water the children.
Everyone had a great time, especially the children, and they will keep many memories of the other people they met and Bydgoszcz itself.  Now for a half term rest  . . . .