Visit to Zaragoza, Spain, February 2017

Visit to Spain

23rd February 2017
Some of our Yr 5 and 6 children were in Spain this week visiting our partner school in Zaragoza.
Spain Day 1
We travelled by minibus to Stansted airport, then on a very bumpy ride by plane to Zaragoza.
Spain Day 2
Today the children spent the day at our partner school in Utebo. Report from them:
"Just got back from school. A good day had by all. The rockets were excellent. We will have to do it when we get back. We were met with a fantastic reception of a parade, presentation, song and dance when we arrived. Played a maths game (fuzz buzz) with Spanish year 4 children. They didn't do badly. Off for tapas later."
Spain Day 3
Today we have been on an informative walking tour of Zaragoza. Look out for the horse!
Then we went to eat Chocolate Con Churros! Fried doughnuts dipped in melted chocolate! Not sure whether the children or staff enjoyed them more ...
Spain Day 4
We watched the carnival, then some more sightseeing, then some souvenir shopping. Then a quiet night in!
Spain Day 5
We went to school today and made lots of Spanish friends! They taught us dodgeball and Spanish dancing, then back home for dinner.