The Curriculum at St Augustine's

At St Augustine's, we are passionate about children's learning. Cognitive Load Theory research highlights that children learn through remembering and recalling and this theory is embedded this within our curriculum. 
Learning is Remembering and Recalling...
Our curriculum is planned and sequenced around the specific vision of the Laudato Si and the Gospel Values. This is based on the Catholic model that our schools have a moral purpose to help everyone and be a force for good in the world. An example of this is where some children's learning will be based around raising funds for a charity or raising awareness of an issue or cause. We believe that this core belief underpins everything we do here at St Augustine's. The curriculum provides inspiring and relevant learning opportunities for our children to develop the knowledge and skills that can be fluently applied across all subject areas. It ensures that all childrens' individual needs and experiences are developed through local, national and global contexts. In each subject area you will find a rationale and a progression of skills in the form of an overview along with other relevant curriculum information. In order for children to relate to their learning, topic areas will always be supported through external visitors talking about their experiences, or a class trip to supplement the childrens' learning.
Teachers lead each area of the curriculum. These are as follows:
Religious Education Mrs Evans
English Mrs Bladon
Mathematics Mrs Baskerville & Mrs Gray
Science Mrs Gardiner
Computing Mr Trevett
Physical Education Miss Lane
Mrs Harding
Geography Mrs Harding
Art Mrs Evans
Design & Technology Mrs Evans
Mrs Evans
Mr Dennis
If you need any further details about the curriculum please contact the school office on 01305 782600.