• Mrs Berry

    Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Bladon

    Deputy Head Teacher, Inclusion Manager, KS1 Lead, Year 2 Class Teacher, English Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Evans

    Reception Teacher, RE, PSHE and RSHE Lead, EYFS Lead, Deputy Safeguarding lead and SLT member

  • Mrs Gray

    KS2 Lead, Assessment Lead, Year 6 Class Teacher, Maths Lead and SLT member

  • Mrs Batten

    Year 1 Class Teacher, Art and Music Lead

  • Mrs Baskerville

    Year 2 Class Teacher (part-time) and English Lead

  • Mrs Harding

    Year 3 Class Teacher, Geography & History Lead

  • Mrs Kenway

    Year 4 Class Teacher, Science and PE Lead

  • Mr Trevett

    Year 5 Class Teacher, Computing Curriculum Lead, E-Safety Lead and Design Technology Lead

  • Mrs Tonkin

    Year 6 Class Teacher (part time), Modern Foreign Languages Lead

  • Miss Lane

    Year 3 Class Teacher, PE Lead

  • Mrs Ayles

    Music Teacher

  • Mr Tuson

    IT Technician

  • Mrs Hart

    Office - Senior Administrator

  • Mrs Crowford

    Office - Admin Assistant

  • Mrs Wootton

    Reception, PSHE Teaching Assistant, Mental Health Lead and Midday Superviser

  • Miss Smith

    Reception, Science Teaching Assistant and HLTA

  • Mrs Wilkins

    Year 1 and RE Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Gardner

    Year 1, Arts Teaching Assistant and Kitchen Staff

  • Mrs Harrop

    Year 2, Forest School Lead and PE Teaching Assistant

  • Ms Rogers

    Year 3 and English Teaching Assistant

  • Miss Taylor

    Year 4, Year 5, Computing Teaching Assistant and Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Me-In

    Year 6, History and Geography Teaching Assistant and Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Smith

    Year 6 and Maths Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Haycock

    Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Johnson

    Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Westover

    Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Jauncey

    Midday Superviser

  • Mrs Chatburn

    Midday Superviser

  • Mr Gardner

    Premises Manager

First Aiders
Mrs Evans (Paediatric)
Mrs Me-In (Paediatric)
Mrs Harrop (Paediatric)
Mrs Wootton