Classroom Staff

Mrs Berry
Acting Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding lead

Mrs Evans
Acting Assistant Headteacher, Reception Teacher, RE lead, EYFS Lead, Deputy Safeguarding lead and SLT member

Mr Cheeseman
Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss Chandler
Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Gardiner
Year 3 Class Teacher (part time), SEND lead, Science lead and SLT member

Mrs Tonkin
Year 3 Class Teacher (part time), English lead and SLT member

Mr Dennis 
Year 4 Class Teacher and Computing Curriculum lead

Mrs Harding
Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Lambourne
Year 6 Class Teacher, Mathematics lead and SLT member

Mr Brown
PPA/Management cover

Mrs Clark
Pupil Premium lead

Mrs Crumbleholme
PPA/Management cover

Mrs Ayles
Music Teacher
Mrs Brown (maternity leave)
Mrs Harrop
Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Elliott
Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Ms Rogers
Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Smith
Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Moss
Year 4 Teaching Assistant and 1:1 support
Mrs Smith
Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Wilkins
Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Roper
Year 3 1:1 support
Learning Mentor