Sports Day

5th July 2018
Just for a change the weather for the school sports day was excellent.  It  was misty in the morning but it soon burnt away to give a sunny but not too hot day.
The Key Stage 2 sports took place in the morning when each child took part in 6 activities (Netball Throw, Tennis Dribbling, 50 Metres, Standing Jump, Hockey Slalom, Football Shooting and 150 Metres).  The Key Stage 1 sports followed in the afternoon when the children took part in simpler activities (Bean Bag Throws, Obstacle Race, Into/over hoops, Ribbon Run, Potato & Spoon Race, Slalom & quoits).
Red house won the Key Stage 2 and Blue house won the Key Stage 1 sports.
Well done to all the children tried hard and had an enjoyable time.