Science Week

20th March 2017
Science Week 2017 has been an outstanding success here at St Augustine's!  All the children have taken part in experiments (some more messy than others!) and experienced the Dome where they learnt all about the rise and fall of the dinosaurs.
On Tuesday Year 5 visited All Saints School for a Science and Spanish day; Year 4 learnt how to mummify a tomato and make a shaduf, Years 1 and 2 made their own non-Newtonian substance (acts like a liquid and a solid), while Reception class investigated the effect of gravity using balloons. Year 3 investigated the cleansing effects of cola on dirty coins, and Year 6 looked at the results of mixing milk, washing up liquid and food colouring.
On Thursday Year 5 put on a fantastic science fair for the whole school, everyone enjoyed it, well done to the children in Year 5 for working so hard to organise it!
Thank you also to all our staff who work so hard to make weeks like this memorable and exciting.