Caught Writing

‘Caught Writing’ is a concept that encourages children to write at home.  We select a picture and displayed it in various places around the school.  We read a story starter to the picture and ask the children to continue the story using their own imagination.  A lucky child will have their story read out in front of the whole school on Friday at ‘Celebration assembly’, scanned and placed onto the school website.
This week's picture and story starter can be seen below.
Opening Doors

Story starter!

Two mysterious portals had appeared in the twilight. The first door burst open and beams of light poured through, filling the countryside with an amber glow.
Sleepily, a man stumbled over the cool grass in a dream-like trance. The Earth seemed to stand still. Everything seemed to have stopped. All he could hear was the distant rumble of thunder, and the constant drone of the television within.
He was now just a few steps away. What lay within the mysterious door that lay ahead? Would the world be the same?

Sentence challenge!

Can you make a list of adverbs to describe how the man moves as he approaches the door? Can you write a sentence that begins with 1 or 2 adverbs?
E.g. Slowly, the man ambled towards the doorway…
Sleepily and cautiously, he stumbled across the grass…

Sick sentences!

These sentences are 'sick' and need your help to get better!
The man walked across the grass. The door was open. There was a light.

Question time!

Who is the man in the picture?
What do you think might be inside both rooms?
How did the lamp get there?
If the doors above were portals into the future and the past, which door would you visit first?Is there more of the past or the future?
Should we think more about the past or the future? Is it important to think of both?