Music Lessons

 Peripatetic lessons are available in school in the following instruments:
 Instrument     Teacher   Instrument can be borrowed from school 
 Flute  Mrs Nikki Olson  Only 1 instrument in school (currently on loan)
 Clarinet  Mrs Nikki Olson  8 instruments are available (4 currently on loan)
 (Cornet and Trombone)  Mr Kevin Penfold  7 cornets and 8 trombones ( 4 currently on loan)
 Guitar/ukulele  Mr Paul Newson  No instruments to loan out and Mr Newson currently has a waiting list.
Piano Mrs Jane Ayles 3 keyboards (currently all out on loan). One available place for lessons this term. (Sept 2108)

The cost of these lessons vary, any inquiries through Mrs Ayles please.