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Welcome to Home Schooling at St Augustine's!
The aim of the tasks set are to ensure children still have a broad and balanced curriculum delivered to them, whilst having fun!
Staff have been working hard to provide plans for RE, English, Maths and Topic sessions which have been placed in a year group file. Work can be completed in the exercise book provided or on paper when necessary. If you need any further guidance to help with the delivery of lessons, please contact your child's class teacher on the email address provided.

STAR SYSTEM - things to know!


When you view your tasks, you will see that activities have a star rating. This is to show you the level of challenge. It is very important that children choose the correct task to support their personal progress and to consolidate the learning taught this year.

Here is a simple guide to help with this...

Using the School Report sent to you via Parent mail:

1 STAR - this task is aimed at children who are working towards the expected level (WTS)

2 STAR - this task is for children who are working at the expected level (ARE)

3 STAR - this task is aimed at children who are achieving Greater Depth (GDS)

Please note - The level of task could be different for your child in different areas of learning e.g Maths, English.


WAGBAT means: ‘We are getting better at…’ and shows the learning intention for a set activity.

We know how important reading is for our children. If you would like to share books at home, the Oxford Reading Owl have free online books.  Go to the web page, select Join Us and then register as a parent - it's free!