Design & Technology

Learning is Remembering and Recalling...


At St. Augustine’s School, it’s our intention to ensure that by the end of their primary education, our children will have experienced an enriching curriculum in art building up the key skills to enable them to become proficient in the areas of all aspects of design ,whilst also building upon their ability to reflect on their work and to appraise the work of others. 

  • Design and Technology is taught in units with teachers planning a progression in skills over the course of the unit. 
  • Careful planning ensures that over the course of an academic year, the children’s skills have developed in designing, making, evaluating and building up technical knowledge. 
  • Alongside this, the children are taught to consider the work of designers and to sometimes use the examples of designers and craft makers to influence their own work. 
  • Children are also taught to reflect upon their own work during a lesson or over a series of lessons and to consider ways their work could be improved. Opportunities are provided for children to improve their work in Design and Technology. 
  • Children are also taught to appraise the work of designers and to help their friends appraise their work through paired discussion. 
  • When teachers plan for Design and Technology, they ensure that the vocabulary introduced to the children is age appropriate for the skills they are teaching and that this vocabulary builds up progressively from YR to Y6, developing the children with the language of art that will help them in their secondary school lessons in Design and Technology. 
  • The curriculum is structured in such a way that the children build upon previously acquired skills progressively. They are required to recall previous learning to help them develop their skills further. By working in this way, we aim that when they leave us in Year 6, the children are prepared to further their enjoyment and experience of Design and Technology in Secondary School. 
  • Design and Technology skills are assessed by class teachers. The children’s responses to  questions and design briefs, allow the teachers to assess the children in terms of their skills development in designing, making, evaluating and use of technical knowledge. It ensures that teachers can then carefully plan for the next steps in individuals learning.
  • The impact of our curriculum is that we have children who are equipped to participate fully in the next stage of their learning in Design and Technology. 
  • Children are provided with fluency of skills and knowledge, equipping them with the ability to apply their learning in area to other areas of the curriculum.
  • To help achieve high expectations, the Design and Technology curriculum is monitored by the Co-ordinator who carries out lesson drop-ins, book looks and speaks to the children about their work. In working with teachers, the curriculum is evaluated ensuring that the children gain the best provision that we can give them.