Catholic Life at St. Augustine's School

This week the children have continued to work hard on our RE theme of Local Church and Community. Many of the classes have been learning about the role of the clergy in liturgical celebrations and it has been lovely to see some of the wonderful work going on throughout the school. All the classes have contributed to a display showcasing aspects of their learning.
In our virtual liturgy on Monday, we listened to Sunday's gospel reading about the Wedding Feast at Cana and the theme of the liturgy was listening to Jesus. This has also been the theme of our daily prayers. Our Gospel Value for this week has been kindness and our thought for the week has been:
We're asked to believe in Jesus faithfully like Mary did.

How will you show love, understanding and kindness like Jesus, this week?

On Friday we celebrated the happiness that sharing kindness brings at our gospel value reflection assembly.

Our catholic virtue focus is Prudence and each class has been reminded to show good judgement this week in their daily lives.

Last weekend we celebrated the First Holy Communion children's first confessions and thank Father Anthony, Mrs Hall, the catechists and parents of all the children from the parish in preparing them so well. It really was a special and reverent occasion.

On Wednesday 15th December, the children in Reception acted out the story of the birth of Jesus. It was a wonderful occasion as everyone joyfully sang, danced and acted. Well Done Reception.
On Sunday 12th December, the parish and school held the Annual Carol Service.
Parishioners led the readings and the school choir together with Mrs Ayles led the singing.
It was a marvelous joint school and parish celebration and we thank the children, for their lovely singing and their families for their ongoing support. We also thank the Parish and Father Anthony for working with us to make it a wonderful celebration.
We give a huge thank  to Mrs Ayles, for her hard work, passion and amazing musical skills. 
We truly appreciate all the time and effort she gives to make these gatherings so professional and a treat for those that attend. We appreciate the way that she enables our children to sparkle and show their very best!
It was such a special time and those that attended were given a true taste of Christmas.
Weymouth Foodbank would like to sincerely thank all who contributed to the fantastic harvest gifts that were passed on to the Foodbank. We are really grateful for your help in supporting this work and our community. Over the last 3 months 835 adults and 323 children have been provided with food which has been donated from various sources. So, once again, many thanks for your help in maintaining this essential work.
With kind regards Ann Hampton (on behalf of Weymouth Foodbank)