Year 5 in Italy

25th April 2013

Year 5’s Trip to Italy

Day 1:

At the Airport

After the long coach journey we finally arrived at Gatwick airport. It was a relief because the trip was  3-4 hours long!  Then after a little while we got on the plane and our trip to Italy had started.


The trip on the plane was quite convenient and fun, because we saw the Alps and took a few photos. Then after 2.5 hours, we landed in Bari airport. Then we waited for the Germans and got on the coach.


The first night in Gravina was epic. When we had settled in, we went for a walk around the town. We then had dinner. 

Day 2: The Caves

In the caves we walked about 3 kilometres, there and back again. We saw stalagmites, stalactites and columns. When we were coming out, on a board it said: we hope you’ve enjoyed your journey into hell, come back soon, sooner than you think! We thought this was mean. Then we had a lunch in Monopoli of tuna, pasta, fish, and coleslaw.

Day 3: At The Farm

We went to the farm and saw a few different of animals. We saw 2 dogs, 1 horse, and LOADS of sheep. Then we went up to the farmer’s house, who was friends with the head of the Italian school in Gravina. The farmer made us a lovely lunch. Then we went and took some photos of Gravina. Then we went to a carnival about medieval Gravina.

Day 4: The Talent Show

In the morning we went to the school and did orienteering with Italian partners. We then had ice cream. We then had rehearsals for the show and Zach Smith tripped over. 
He went to hospital and had an x-ray, but he was OK. At the talent show we performed 2 English country dances, and Antonia danced to a song about new life (it was a solo).

Day 5: Going Home

On Saturday we went souvenir shopping. After that we got on a coach and drove to Bari airport. When we arrived at Bari airport we got on the plane and went home. Then we got of the plane, got on the coach and arrived at school.